Thunder road

Dawe, Ted

NZ Post Book Awards finalist. Winner of Children & Young Adults section.
" Which street racer really controls the strip? An award-winning YA novel full of fast cars, burn-offs and an unwritten code of loyalty. /B> Thunder Road' . You find it in any city after the cops are in bed. It's where street racers go to test their machines - and their nerve. For me it was the steep rising pitch of the turbo, the screaming tyres and curtain of white smoke hanging behind me- all the stuff that spells street racing.' Trace is 19 and has grown out of small-town ways. He's hungry for more. In Auckland he hooks up with Devon, a guy with the Midas touch, who introduces Trace to burn-offs, big city style. Soon everything is smoking. There is a code with drivers- you don't criticise and you don't show fear. When Trace falls for a girl even Devon says is out of his league, loyalties are stretched. Then Devon hits on a scheme for hauling in cash. Soon enough he and Trace find out who really controls the strip. As the underworld closes in, it looks like their friendship is heading for burn-out.
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Fiction B00110351
Genre:New Zealand stories
call #:DAW
ISBN:1877135879 9781877135873